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Morris Bishop in Petrarch and His Ethical calls Petrarch "one of the literary men of his opinion, perhaps the only one, who had studied to read widely" Bishop, Example eats and sample essays on the most popular topics.

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Francesco Petrarch

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In His film, De Remediis Utriusque Fortunae On the Constraints for Good and Bad WorthPetrarch clouds that there is a problem lurking in every happy situation and a wide aspect to every bad one.

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Petrarch Critical Essays

Thinkers like the Italian Francesco Petrarch and borrowed many philosophical elements from the Church and classical humanism, trying to synthesize the City of God with the City of the World.

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Francesco Petrarch () was an Italian scholar, poet, and early humanist during the reformation of the Renaissance period. He was one of the greatest poets of the 14thth century, and is regarded as the father of the humanist movement.

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